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Electrical Appliance Repair

We provide various repair services of electronic appliances ranging from refrigerators to geysers. Appliances plays a very major role in our day to day life but sometimes it might not work properly and with our busy schedule it's not easy to get out and get your appliances fixed, that's why we provide at-home electronic appliances repair service at an affordable price. We understand that there is no fixed time that your appliance stops working, that is why our team of qualified technicians are always there to help you. We offer installation, repair and all kinds of appliances repair services. That means you can contact us for all your appliances repair needs, including:

  • Kitchen electronic appliance repair and maintenance
  • Laundry room electronic appliance repair and maintenance

The summer is over and you have used your AC for 3 to 4 months. Before keeping it aside make sure to get your AC repaired in order to fix the damage caused to it by the constant use of it from last few months.

Another appliance is your geyser which you forget during the summer days. You need to get geyser repair service at home so that you don't get the cold water from your geyser on a cold morning.

Now comes the regularly used appliances like refrigerator, washing machine, TV, microwave etc. If your refrigerator stops getting cold or it is making unnecessary noise then it's a sign of getting it repaired. You can get it repaired at your home.

If your microwave starts emitting smoke, or it starts releasing smell, or the plates stops spinning then it's time to get it repaired by our qualified , experienced and trusted engineers.

Another appliance you need to take care of is your washing machine. If it starts producing noise or ends up a few feet away from where it was then you have to just get it repaired from us to get it fixed in no time.

If you are facing any such problems ,then you can follow just three steps: 1.Book your appointment with us or just call us or you can also visit to us. 2.Repair : We will diagnose the issue and will explain it to you and repair it on time. 3. Relax: Once the repair is done, you can sit and relax as the appliance repairs are covered by a satisfaction guarantee. We provide quality repair services in order to provide help in extending the life of your appliances.

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